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11th Airborne Division Inspector General's Office

Our Mission

The 11th Airborne Division Inspector General office conducts inquiries ​into and provides the commanding general a​ continuous assessment of the divisions readiness,​ discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training​ and operational effectiveness. 

What we do…
The IG Office is comprised of Soldiers and Dept. of Army Civilians who function as an extension of the eyes, ears, and conscience of the 11th Airborne Division Commander. We are fair and impartial fact-finders that have sworn an oath to uphold the standards, policies, and regulations of the Army without prejudice or partiality.

Bottom Line: We work with the 11th Airborne Division Commanding General to contribute to the war-fighting readiness of 11th ABN DIV Units, Soldiers, and Families.

The four functions of the Inspector General:

  • Inspect – find facts and make recommendations on war-fighting readiness of 11th Airborne Division. 
  • Investigate – find facts relating to possible misconduct.
  • Assist – support and help Commanders, Soldiers, and Civilians on doing what is right and correct injustices
    (real or perceived). 
  • Teach/Train – support and help Commanders, Soldiers, and Civilians by ensuring they know what “right” is.

What is not IG appropriate?

Some examples include:

  • Non-Army related issues (i.e. personal property dispute off post).
  • Equal Opportunity or SHARP issues/allegations.
  • Hazardous work conditions.
  • Redress of evaluations, awards, Article 15’s and Chapters.
  • Criminal allegations.
  • Soldier non-support of Family (Commanders will fix this).

Why visit the Inspector General?

  • If you think someone has violated a Law, Article, Rule, Regulation or Policy!
  • ANYONE can talk to the Inspector General (Soldiers, Civilians, Family Members).
  • NO ONE can stop you from talking to the Inspector General.
  • Completing a field exercise or in progress duty related activity prior to coming to the IG is not preventing you from talking to us
  • Have you given your chain of command an opportunity to solve the problem?
  • Did you exercise the Open Door Policy?
  • If IG assistance is needed, contact your local IG first
  • Contacting a higher echelon IG office will only delay action, possibly by weeks, as IG’s at higher echelons normally refer the case to the local IG for action
  • IGs are not policy makers
  • If a policy is flawed, you can submit proposed change on a DA form 2028
  • IGs can only recommend, not order a resolution
  • Only Commanders can order; the role of the IG is to advise the Commander
  • IGs can only resolve a case on the basis of fact
  • A claim that someone has violated something is not a fact, claims must be supported with evidence
  • Be sure you have a problem; Be honest and truthful; Be patient with your request from the IG; and Be understanding of the process that governs resolving requests for assistance from the Inspector General’s Office
To complain without fear of reprisal is the right of any Soldier, Civilian, or Family Member seeking IG help.

IG Contact Information

907-384-0323 (JBER)
907-353-6204 (FWAK)

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri
0800 - 1700

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