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Special Leave Travel Allowance 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is eligible for reimbursement?
A: Only the Soldier’s ticket is eligible for reimbursement. Authorized ticket type is coach-class in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR). Tickets for dependents are not eligible.
Q: When can I use the SLTAA entitlement to travel?
A: The entitlement ends 31 December 2023. Travel is eligible if the departing flight commences by 31 December 2023, 23:59 hours Alaska Time. Return flight may be after 31 December 2023.
Q: Where can I travel under the SLTAA entitlement?
A: You may only travel to your Home of Record under the SLTAA entitlement. SATO will only book your flight to your Home of Record.
Q: What process or paperwork is needed?
A: Contact unit S1 to obtain the required approval documents.
Q: How do I book my flight?
A: Visit SATO after you have all the approval documents. SATO will book your flights. You may look up flights ahead of time and ask SATO if those flights are eligible.
Q: Do I have to pay up-front before getting reimbursed?
A: If you go to SATO, then SATO will use a Central Billed Account to purchase your ticket. You will not have to make any payments.
Q: Can I upgrade my seat?
A: SATO will only book a coach-class airfare ticket based on the JTR. Check with SATO if you desire to pay out-of-pocket for upgrade.
Q: How do I make sure my family and I are on the same flight?
A: Obtain all the approval documents. Before you visit SATO, look up suitable flights for you and your family. SATO can search its database to see if one of the flights you desire is eligible. SATO will book your ticket only. You will have to book your family’s tickets yourself. SATO is also willing to assist you to search for flight. You can ask SATO to issue your ticket immediately so you can arrange travel with your family.
Q: Should I ask for early ticketing? When would SATO issue my flight ticket?
A: Yes, ask for early ticketing. SATO normally issues tickets 3 days prior to departure as their normal business rule. However, ask SATO to issue your ticket immediately to make sure your ticket will not be affected by any government shutdowns. You may lose your reservation if your ticket is not issued when a government shutdown occurs. If the JBER TMO/SATO will not issue your ticket early, then pull your packet back and go through SATO at Fort Wainwright to book your flight. See your unit S8 or Division G8 Travel if this happens to you.
Q: If I already traveled to my Home of Record, can I still be reimbursed?
A: Possibly. There are specific eligibility requirements for retroactive reimbursement. See unit S8 or Division G8 Travel.
Q: Who can I ask for more information on the ticketing process?
A: Visit SATO for questions about flights and booking. SATO is aware of the SLTAA entitlement.
Q: Who can I ask for more information about SLTAA?
A: Unit S8 or Division G8 Travel (Management Services) can provide general information on SLTAA.

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